Future Focused COMMERCIAL


A Campaign That Looks Forward

With the Future Focused campaign for UCD we aimed to translate the message of innovation and opportunity through a series of scenes bridged by dynamic camera movement and VFX magic. The production was delayed several times due to the COVID19 pandemic which ultimately turned out to be beneficial as it bought us more time than we would usually have in pre-production to develop the technical approach.

The concept for each video was very VFX heavy, with transitions between shots that involved various techniques such as; flare transitions from scene to scene; camera travelling into the computer screen and an AutoCAD drawing of a building and then transitioning into the actual building; drone shots that went up into the sky and back into a room in a new reality for the student.

We prevized extensively almost every set-up ahead of production so when we arrived on the day we knew all the details, from the lens choice to framing to lighting design. This level of preparation allowed us to successfully film across 40+ locations on the campus with a heavily stripped-down set-up in only 11 days. The real challenge here was to make sure each transition works visually and technically which meant that we had to work closely with our VFX Supervisor in every stage of production. We think this effort paid off in the end!






Producer / Liam Harkin
Director / Charles Alexander
DOP / Blaine Rennicks
VFX / Colm Moore

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