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A touching story of two best friends.

In November 2021, we collaborated with writer and director James Fitzgerald to create a commercial for Dog’s Trust in which we brought the deep relationship between an elderly fisherman and his faithful dog to the screen. We follow their daily routine of fishing in each other’s company whilst the narration of a heartfelt poem emphasises the journey they have been on together and their valued friendship. We later discover that the narrator is in fact our furry friend.

It was important to find the perfect setting and the most suitable talent that would bring this story to life; our research process involved a series of location recces and considerate casting.

The new and exciting challenge for the production came in the form of working with a live animal on water. We wanted to create emotive visuals by capturing the fisherman and his dog on a boat with the backdrop of the striking coastline of North Dublin. We carefully considered the type of dog that would be suitable and we spent time with a professional animal handler in finding one. This was followed by safety tests with the animal and its handler on the boat to ensure they were comfortable and that we could replicate this in the safest and most controlled way possible.

We feel that the experience and the talent of our crew was instrumental in creating an approach that facilitated the making of an outstanding piece of work for our client. The commercial engages the viewer in a cinematic and sentinel way leaving a lasting impression of the important work that Dog’s Trust does.


Dogs Trust




Director / James Fitzgerald
Producer / Liam Harkin
DOP / Naryan Von Maele

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